What all-remote companies can teach us about post-pandemic remote working

As office denizens approach a year of remote working, we’re feeling a level of comfort with remote work, and even thinking about which elements of remote work we want to carry forward into our post-pandemic work cultures. But alongside the COVID remote experience, there is a parallel set of companies (mostly technology firms) that haveContinue reading “What all-remote companies can teach us about post-pandemic remote working”

Being intentional about time

I don’t know about you, but I’ve fallen into the bad habit of letting the most important things get short shrift because something urgent comes along, or because my energy is just too depleted for anything besides mindless Twitter scrolling. I was frustrated with myself, and wanted to make more conscious decisions about how IContinue reading “Being intentional about time”

A Leadership Manifesto

I’ve been reflecting on my stint as a CEO, and what I think matters most for effective leadership. I don’t think I always live up to these ideals, but this is what I strive for. Galvanize people to a mission, so they understand and are motivated by how their individual contributions make a difference forContinue reading “A Leadership Manifesto”