Summer Books

Summer Books: The Vanishing Half; The Opposite of Spoiled; Next Year, For Sure; The Gown; Too Slutty, Too Fat, Too Loud; The Power; The Princess Diarist; The Madness of Crowds; The Sparsholt Affair; The Last Samurai; The Guest List; Siracusa; We are Never Meeting in Real Life.

Masks in Schools

My main objection is not so much about the masks themselves, but rather about the mindset that goes along with them. It's a mindset that takes sandboxes and water tables and toys out of kindergarten classes; privileges teaching kids to stay six feet apart over teaching them to share; and inflicts on them the barbarity of "silent lunch" (yes, wonderful, let's have kids sit in a classroom all day and then not allow them to talk over lunch because their masks are off and talking would be too "high-risk").