A Leadership Manifesto

I’ve been reflecting on my stint as a CEO, and what I think matters most for effective leadership. I don’t think I always live up to these ideals, but this is what I strive for.

  • Galvanize people to a mission, so they understand and are motivated by how their individual contributions make a difference for colleagues, customers, and the broader community.
  • Set ambitious standards for excellence and cultivate a discipline of deliberate experimentation, thoughtful feedback, and continuous improvement that makes that standard attainable.
  • Create a culture of collaboration, camaraderie, and compassion, so that colleagues support one another, celebrate each other’s successes, and learn and grow together.
  • Foster belonging for people from diverse backgrounds by building empathetic relationships and being open to feedback.
  • Design inclusive systems and structures that reduce friction, reinforce accountability, and minimize bureaucracy.
  • Seek ideas and expertise from a variety of sources, generously crediting contributions while taking full ownership of hard decisions.
  • Communicate with transparency and candour, especially when the news is hard to hear or the concepts hard to grasp.
  • Lead with vulnerability that is quick to take accountability and make amends when things go wrong.
  • Connect the dots across the organization, muster momentum, and give people the support they need to achieve their goals.


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